Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Vibrancy...excitement, energy, movement. I was just inspired to write about color after reading this post on Abracadebra Designs.      
Lately I've come to really appreciate and act on color and how it affects my moods, especially in my clothing. I wore a white shirt and a white hoodie the other day....blah!
Yesterday I had on a red polo with the same white hoodie...energized.
Around the house I wear t-shirts and sweats or shorts depending on the season. The dark brown, black or deep blue shirts slow me down. I have a soft orange tee (with ice cream cones on it...yum!) that seems to get me moving.
Today I'm in a true tan and white combo....okay, a little life.
I have started going through my tops and sweaters, eliminating the ones I feel sharply adjust my mood downward when I wear them. Although I might "like" the color, I seem to reject the deep colors and go more with the brights. I am pale complected and have light eyes so brights do liven my face, despite the wrinkles, they just crinkle more...
Black and white works, as the sharp contrast is lively.
My home is mostly decorated in browns, sage green and grays but with orange flower pots showing off my emerald green plants and a bit of yellow here and there.
And food? Who likes brown food? Pretzels, maybe. Yet again bright reds, oranges, greens, even blueberries are so much more energizing.
Oh, yellow...everyone hates my's BRIGHT yellow with touches of blue, a seaside theme (Cape Cod, JoJo and the photo below!) I love it despite the yellow cast it gives to your skin and hair, you have to smile in there. So here's to color and vibrancy. Thanks,Debbie. I thought V would be a tough one!


JoJo said...

Great post and thanks for the shout out! I spy a Lobstah!!! lol I myself am fond of the tie dyed tshirt thing. Can't get more vibrant than that! lol

Barbra said... are an old soul!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Wow Barbra, I feel very honored to have inspired someone as crafty and talented as you. Great V post. May you always stay sweet and Vibrant.