Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's broken....

...the heat,that is! This was a VERY hot summer setting records all over the place. Finally it seems to have cooled a bit. We even opened the windows and shut down the a/c. Might not last but it is glorious for now. Actually, last night, dare I say that it was chilly. I will have to watch the porch plants if this keeps up. Wouldn't want to lose this one. I started it from a 2" cutting in June! Etsy has to wait when the weather is like this. I have to be outside. So why am I sitting at the computer????
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bellacolle said...

oops! so glad it was the 'heat' and nothing else!lol!
your plants are lovely, and you are right! take advantage of the beautiful weather!!

monica yvette said...

I've been wanting to live outside lately too. You must have a green thumb. Please pass it this way. lol.