Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ya' Never Know....

Just when I decided that the magnets were not worth my time, I got an order for a dozen and a half!!! I really do enjoy making them but they take alot of steps and time and pricing becomes an issue. I also decided to try another etsy-like website against my better judgement and BINGO! a sale. I had three Christmas clocks that have been on etsy for two Christmases and never sold so I sent them to the store in Massachusetts....yup, they sold. So basically, ya' never know!


Barbra joan said...

Barbra, I may be posting this in the wrong place, just saw your comment on my blog and thanks for writing. I also belong to the Artist Trading Card group. The one on yahoo, and have met artists from all over. The internet is a 'good thing'
Barbra joan

Contrariwise said...

Well good for you!

I've never seen the "other' website before. So thanks for educating me.