Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seasons for Selling

If you read my last post you know I was in NY for the snowstorm on March 2nd. When we came back we had 4-5 days of above average temps, one day it was 85. Glorious-short sleeves and sandals! Now it's cold again-40s for us is cold! Spring is just a week away and I hope the temps settle down or up as it may be.
I've been a bit at a loss as to what to knit or crochet and just finished a lightweight but wintery scarf. Wrong season now for the Northern Hemisphere but approaching the right season for our Southern Hemisphere friends. I can't decide if I should list it on etsy or hold off. I am pleased with the outcome, especially since I combined 2 different patterns. What do you think? To list or not to list????

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Anonymous said...

oh..geeze...I think it's lovely..Etsy is global.. so I'd say go ahead..75?!! awesome!!
The snow is almost gone from our yard I'm soo excited!!