Monday, June 15, 2009

Stops and Starts...or Life!

Do you have periods where you can't get started creatively and then times where you can't stop the ideas? I do!
Do you have stagnant periods with selling and then 3 big sales in 2 days? I do!
Does it seem sometimes all around you are negative? Uh huh!
It's the stops and starts, ups and downs and often negative energies that are so nerve wracking with online selling. I decided to make some changes to get a bit of control of my online presence so I closed my ArtFire shop & will stay with ETSY and the 2 free sites (free so far) Made It Myself and SilkFair. I've been listing more at all 3 venues and trying to stay away from the negativity on ETSY forums. Why must people always seek out problems? On ETSY they seem so eager to not suggest but TELL admin what to do. There's little gratitude for the opportunity that ETSY provides and constant requests for more and more. I've never entered those negative posts but have lurked. There are many valid points but I prefer to focus on the positive instead. Does ETSY make mistakes? Absolutely. Do I know better? Absolutely not.
In dropping ArtFire and giving more attention to Made It Myself, I discovered a wonderful, POSITIVE group called They are fun, positive, supportive, creative and a smile inducing group. The group starters do nothing but promote everyone and stay uplifting. A refreshing change!
Around all of us the world is in turmoil. I prefer to keep my little corner as positive as possible. I know many will agree.
And on that note would someone PLEASE take me to the beach?????

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