Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Item

A few weeks ago I was lurking in the etsy forums and a shop owner, RareDaisyJewelry was asking about promo matchbook pads. I 'aggressively' convoed her and subsequently she ordered 25 pads and stickers and was thrilled with the order. She suggested I sell them in my shop. Well, I do have a ton of paper so I made up some more and listed them. I have sold them offline and continue to do so and now they're up for grabs on etsy. And who bought one of the batches today? RareDaisyJewelry!!!
Thank you, RareDaisyJewelry, for the orders and giving me a push in another direction and lightening my paper load! Visit her shop~beautiful designs!


Taylor B. said...

That's great! Some times it takes someone requesting something before you realize you should be selling them.

BellaColle' said...

They are fun! How cool to stick in a package as a thank you..or stocking stuffers! love the Red and Green ones!