Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretzels and Baseball

I love soft pretzels and I love baseball...there, it's out in the open! I was thilled when we discovered soft big, NY style pretzels at the Little League complex. I got one every game we went to and the big boy's team won.
This was quite the week of baseball. The boys each had end of season games and the big one and his team were in the playoffs. Now this is my 2nd time around in Little League and I just don't recall such nail biters! First game was Wednesday and I had my pretzel. Our side was winning with a serious threat at the end by the other team. We pulled through.
Thursday we were to play against a team we (sure,'WE', like I play!) had seriously trounced a few weeks ago. Starting off with a serious deficit, our guys were creeping back and the coaches decided to go extra innings. We crept, they strutted, we trotted, they ran. Ultimately, we lost but it was fairly close. I was so proud of the boys-no thrown bats, no tears, no foot stomping except, well, maybe a little by one of the coaches. Obviously disappointed when his world series dreams were squashed. Even men in big bodies have little boy dreams. And as the mother of the coach, I remember them well.
Oh, and Thursday night, they ran out of pretzels.....hmmmm!


ModredVintage said...

I'm sorry the lost, but like you said, it's good they handled the loss well.

Wild Sparrow said...

Thanks so much for the warm blogger welcome! Enjoy those games & pretzels!! =)

Sherry said...

Men and boys, gotta love 'em. I'm sorry my post upset you. I know how you feel. I've nursed my hubby through a broken kneecap, hand and lots of scrapes. We ride together, and things are fine, but I worry when he's alone. I know he's very careful and I'm sure your son is as well. Still, things happen. I spoke to Melinda again today and he's really in good spirits.