Friday, August 6, 2010

Just ask....

Manners? Have any? Use them?
A friend just called quite upset about a blog post that her husband stumbled upon (no, not "Stumble Upon"!). He is an antiques dealer within a very specific genre. In fact, it is true to say, he is one of the world's foremost authorities in this area. A blogger decided to do a post about this type of item (yes, I'm being intentionally vague) and lifted about 10 photos to use in the article. Seven of those photos were his items and with the item title there was a link back. It was a fairly accurate post BUT there was no mention of his name and certainly no credit to him. He has written two "bibles' on the subject and yet with all this blogger's "research", not a word.
Now what's so bad, you are asking? He got his photos on another site and will possibly get interest and/or sales from it. It should be the owner's preference and decision to be associated with another venue or not. As an editor for, I seek photos for articles. After almost a year, I have never been refused BUT almost to a person the response includes "Thank you for asking".
Don't take...ask! It's good manners.
Now you'd love me to link to my friend's shop or put his name in my tags so you can figure it out but I'm not because I didn't ask! But please consider this when you are writing your own articles or blog or whatever. It's good manners so just do it.
And if anyone asks you what time it is, you can say "Time For Watermelon" really what other photo could I have used with this rant?!


PetitPoulailler said...

In all my writing, blogging and otherwise, I've never been turned down when I've asked to use a photo or quote. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't go to that one little extra bit of effort.

And, as far as rants go? yours was waaaaaaaay polite xo Karen

Jillys Stuff said...

Nothing like a good old "fist shaking, foot stomping" rant once in awhile. You are so right with this one.

niftyknits said...

oh so true. After something that happened recently I'd also like to be told what purpose my photo is going to be put to. rant on dude!