Saturday, March 9, 2013


My mind is blown....again! In my lifetime so many technological changes have come about. Hey,even the word technology wasn't in every day vocabulary when I was growing up. I haven't taught for over 10 years but even 10-15 years ago I'd say something in my class and the kids would go "Huh?" phonograph, cassette or transistor my self here! Teaching kids how to tell time on a real clock, not digital, became a real challenge and so many other changes.
I remember, over 20 years ago, my cousin was the first person I knew who had a cell phone. We went shopping together and I was holding her handbag while she tried on some clothes and of course, her purse rang and I nearly jumped out of my shoes! 

Yes, I've jumped on most of the band wagons and truly appreciate the convenience, the knowledge, well, everything about technology. 

Today had a weird techno-twist. Grandson #1 had a baseball game and as usual the score boards weren't working. Sometimes innings are so long that it's easy to forget outs or innings and definitely the score. Grandson #2,younger, said "Baba, get Score Simple" turn "Huh?" 30 seconds he downloaded a baseball scoring app for the iPhone. Piece of cake! In fact the official scorer kept coming to me to double check the!

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JoJo said...

It's amazing how far technology has come. Cell phones and computers we buy now become obsolete within a couple years.