Monday, July 30, 2007

A dilemma!

Okay, it's July 30th and to some the summer is over. Business wise is it time to begin listing fall things with holiday right behind or is it too early? To solve the dilemma, I made a summer clock titled "End of Summer"! Check it out in full on etsy. School starts here in 22 days and to me, as a former teacher, that certainly is the beginning of fall but we started days after Labor day...I'm so confused!!!! I am paying more attention to the start of school this year since Caleb will be starting kindergarten. Where did the years go?


Cathy said...

nice clock! here we have one more month of winter left...bring on spring i say!

bellacolle said...

Oh, we just recieve our boys 'teachers and schedule'... I don't want summer to end! I'm having too much fun! Love your clock! very beachy!!