Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time Passes

Some things don't change and that's okay. At Thanksgiving, one of the things I was grateful for was never being in the headlines or on the news. Neither me nor anyone close to me. I got a strange look when I said it and then it sunk in. There is so much awful news and I have never been a part of anything monumentally awful like a natural disaster or war....or that positive either, like winning the lottery. That has been true my whole life. Okay, why am I going on like this, after turkey day, no less? Well, my birthday is Saturday and according to the numbers, a BIG one, so I have become a bit pensive, I guess. I really am so happy with my life today,where it is and what I am surrounded with. I know it sounds funny but I was always young until now! With a birthday in December and skipping a year in school, I was always the youngest around. I was 16 and a freshman in college. Well, now I'm not so young BUT the alternative isn't a choice. So what will change Saturday? I'll still cherish my wrinkles-I've earned them. I may stop obsessing about the few extra pounds-the pasta was worth it. I'll continue to take time to smell the roses and I already wear purple! Buttons will still be fun to me. I always remind my family that I love them and keep in close contact with those not nearby. So what will be different? Not much and that's okay by me! Just a bigger least it's not my jeans size!

Happy almost Birthday to me!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cyber Monday

Monday, November 26 is called "Cyber Monday". Apparently people who couldn't shop over the weekend or didn't finish their shopping will sit at their computers ( at work!) and shop. I am having a sale through Monday night to encourage shopping in my store!

From Thursday November 22 through Monday November 26, my gift to you is free shipping on everything! I will refund any monies due you through PayPal so you don't have to wait for a revised invoice. Stay home, stay safe and shop online for great gifts.♥

Friday, November 23, 2007

Us Chickens and a Turkey!

Our Thanksgiving was the most peaceful in years. It was just the 3 of us and although the others were missed (they did call) it was so relaxing for me. I wasn't conflicted as to cooking and serving vs. playing and chasing. I am thrilled the other parents had a chance to see the boys as it's been way too long for them. The 3 of us ate too much, laughed alot and groaned with gusto as we stuffed ourselves. Jas went home with more than 2 meals and we have plenty for tomorrow. The best is the soup which simmered for hours today as I steadfastly refused to leave the house for the shopping frenzy. I don't get the thrill of the chaos but to each their own. Anyway, my shopping is just about finished as I stuck to my buy handmade/etsy plan this week. I am waiting for 3-4 packages and done! This is what came the other day from inedibleglass. I am pleased and hope my daughter-in-law will like it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shadows in a shadow box!!!

This is my latest shadow box and if I do say so myself, I love it although it was a nightmare to photograph. The first 3 rounds had my striped shirt reflected on the glass. Then there were deep shadows from the sun. The colors here are not quite true as they are more washed out & faded in reality. I never realized how tricky it is to photograph things to post online. Some people are not just talented crafters, but amazing photographers as well. I am in awe. Despite my troubles with the camera, I am pleased with this piece.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Road Trip

I just returned from another road trip, this time to NY to see John's Dad who is almost 93. We're great together in the car. John drives well on the highway as opposed to local driving which gets me crazy! We take 2 days to do the 800+ miles so the total trip is a little over 1600. We had great weather although a bit chilly and virtually no traffic delays which is a major miracle. His Dad is doing well and it was fun to see other family members and good friends.

We did do a sizable chunk of holiday shopping for the devoted Mets and Jets fans down here. We can't find the paraphernalia for those teams in SC so we loaded up in NY. I will finish those gifts off with handmade goodies.
And possibly the most productive part of the trip was this pile of 21 mini purses, tissue holders and cell phone holders that I was able to knit...obviously not when I was driving! Some are sewn already but they all need buttons which I did not bring with me. Then onto etsy they will go. Unfortunately I didn't make any sales while we were gone
but hopefully this week will bring some orders. Good to get away...
great to be home!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Accidental Great Idea

Promoting yourself, your products and your etsy store can be time and money consuming and I have tried to follow all the suggestions of more seasoned sellers when I can. The other day I was mailing a personal card and accidently put an All About The Buttons return address label....hmmmm, I thought. I went right to the computer and printed up some labels that now say "Buy Handmade" with my etsy address beneath it. I intend to put these on every piece of mail I send. Any reason not to?