Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Over 2 years ago I knit myself.....are you ready?.....a coat! Now why would I even think of that living in South Carolina, you ask? Well, it does get cold here (now about 32) but really, a coat?! Never wore it,never. I finally decided to rip it out, ball up the yarn and knit myself a button up vest. I started it in August (2008) but never finished, primarily because I was knitting for etsy and other places I sell. Flash forward to Saturday and I realized that etsy and the other sites were pretty full, the store had enough merchandise and I had NOTHING to knit. Ahhhh, the vest. Well, I finished it yesterday and felt guilty for taking time to make something for myself. After a serious smack upside my head, I got over it! I'm not feeling guilty. I am pretty pleased with the results and especially love the handmade ceramic buttons. The picture isn't the greatest but I wanted to share.
I don't feel guilty.
I don't feel guilty.
I don't!

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Barbra joan said...

Oh you think thats bad? Its 30 this a.m. and I live in Central Florida. Yikes, and I'm on my way out the dorr. I need that coat!!!
Art Heart