Sunday, November 29, 2009


Okay, so today is November 29th and the month is over and I've been gone from my blog for 22 days. Where was I? Fortunately I had a veritable blitz of special orders that kept me knitting and sewing. I mean, over 9 knitted pieces and 6 embroidery. Wonderful! If not for them, the month, sales wise would have been uneventful. Etsy is getting heavier and deeper and so hard to be seen. I love Zibbet for it's freshness and clean appearance. I'm keeping both going for now. We'll see if anything happens tomorrow, Cyber Monday. I along with a bazillion others have a sale going but who knows? I think my prices are so reasonable,if not cheap, a sale can hurt. We'll see.
So to all my bloggy friends, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and your holiday season is productive, fruitful and calm.

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Southern Belle said...

Busy busy. Going to check Zibbet out. You're right, it is hard to get seen on Etsy now.