Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Sales Curse

A few months after I started on Etsy, I decided to post a shadow box I had made which had been hanging in my bedroom. I actually put a fairly high price on it, not being well versed in the art yet. Literally 15 minutes later it sold. Hmmmmmmmm.... I went out, bought the materials for 2-3 more, made them, posted them and there they sat.
Last year I saw something in a catalog I thought I could reproduce better. I did. It enabled me to use the vast majority of mini chairs that I had collected. The finished product elicited raves from family and friends so I posted them. Have you guessed yet? They sat.
I have made dozens of magnetic bookmarks which sell in real life 10 to 1 as opposed to online. Why?
Today I posted a pair of handwarmers made from an upcycled sweater with crochet experiment for me. One hour later they sold. So the questions I make more? Or do I not press my luck?!


Tackyhandmade said...

This has happened to me...numerous times! There seems to be no consistency in regards to want a customer is looking for!
Love your shop!!

SuaVoce said...

This same things happens to us! I think it's becuase a lot of sales are based on catching the right person's eye at the right time. It might help to define your target market and use marketing techniques to expose your work to that specific market!

Anonymous said...

This also happens to me often! I think it has something to do with the face to face interation. My craft sell really well at the shows, but online is a serious hit and miss. As SuaVoce said define your target market. You may be able to do both but sales in different areas will have a different outcome.

Good luck!

BellaColle' said...

ooh, weird.. happens to me too..when I did list on etsy..just keep on creating! You make wonderful things.

Dawna said...

You have a wonderful blog here! I found you through BlogUpp and am now a follower.

Take Care,

Joan said...

This happens to me, too! You just never know what people will like or not like. And there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency with handmade items, sometimes. LOVE the handwarmers, by the way!
And Merry Christmas! :) Have a wonderful week!

CAM Creations said...

I love some of your creations.

Mad Mad Wonderland: said...

I hate when this happens. With online selling, it's honestly a hit or miss deal. Selling face to face is almost always 100% more successful. Then again, you never know. Try making a few more pairs and put them up. At twenty cents a listing, it won't hurt too much.