Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Advertising Opportunity

Gain exposure for your handmade shop with Indiesmiles Ads! They are SUPER affordable and there are several options so you can't go wrong.

Some of the options include:

Listing your discount codes in the discounts directory ($2 for a text link or $4 for a picture link)
Have a 125x125 image on every page of Indiesmiles! This is only $12 for two weeks or $20 for the month (that's less than a dollar a day!)
FREE ADVERTISING - Indiesmiles offers free advertising for any shops that are donating $100 of the profits to an animal organization
Sponsor articles by placing a link to your shop, blog or website for only $2! This is a great way to use target marketing on articles that your potential buyers would be interested in!
Head over to the Advertising page of Indiesmiles to get more details and gain more exposure for your shop!

P.S. Here's a secret deal that's going on right now: 1/2 price promo on the sidebar of Indiesmiles, only $6.00 for two weeks! Just email to snag this secret deal before everyone else does!

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TexasEagle said...

Thanks for the follow...and this great info! Great blog you have here!