Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It just happens....

The other day I went into the studio with the intent to clean up and put things away. First I cleared off my chair and a trio of cotton fabrics were there...hmmmm! One struck me as great colors (which is why I probably bought it in the first place!) and I started to think of how to use it. I wanted to do another hoop embroidery piece but this fabric isn't quite right for that. I put the fabric down and went back to cleaning up and a large piece of wide ribbon was stuck under a box....the exact colors of the fabric...hmmmm! I put the ribbon near the fabric and continued my boring clean up quest. And there-you guessed it!-was another ribbon with coordinating colors. Someone telling me something? Finally, I gave in, sat down (the chair was cleared) and here's the result, totally unplanned, unintended and I think,unusual. And no, I never finished cleaning...maybe later!

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