Monday, September 27, 2010

What is too much?

When my son was little he adored munching on carrots. When I took him to the doctor I asked about this yellowish tint that I saw at the end of his nose. "Does he like carrots?" asked the pediatrician...uhhh,yup! Whatever wasn't used or processed by his little body was deposited at the tip of his nose...TRUE! So in essence, this was too much of a good thing despite being way better than munching on lollipops or jawbreakers which fortunately he didn't like.
It was brought to mind regarding the inventory you keep in your shop....what is too much? What is too big? It's not like walking into a craft store and avoiding the materials you don't need. Do online shoppers mind a big shop? I try to keep my sections clean, organized and clear but do shoppers go much past the 2nd or third page? If you have 10 pages do you rotate so some things move to the fore front? I am closing in on 200 items in one of my shops and I fret and worry if it's too much.
I'm curious to hear any thoughts about this and what,as a shopper, you think may be too much. Is it wise to keep out-of-season things in the shop for that occasional buyer who might buy a Christmas ornament in March? I know temperature driven things should stay to attract the side of the world opposite from you but is it disconcerting to see it all?
And as I question this point I add almost daily! Like this will be tomorrow 's new listing:


Calabash Creations said...

Hi Barbra,
Thanks for stopping by! I struggle with the "how much is too much?" question myself. I'm never sure if shoppers take the time to look past the first page, and if they do, then I wonder how many pages are they willing to look at.

Raige Creations said...

I find it a bit overwhelming to go through more than a few pages. That probably changes close to holidays like Christmas or birthdays, when looking for a gift for someone can lead to pages and pages of searched until that one item is found.
But still, there is no magic number. I think rotating your items makes the most sense.