Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zpirited Zibbet Zmiles!

The Zibbet community is growing by leaps and bounds with just about 1000 members on the forums alone. The owners are top notch and their customer service is unbelieveable. The other morning I was doing a search for and nothing was showing up,zip,nil,nada. I immediately wrote an e-mail to support and also posted on the forums to see if it was me or everyone. Within mere minutes Jonathan came online to thank me for reporting it and telling me it was fixed. Can't do better than that!
And the people, the sellers I have met on Zibbet....nicer,more talented folks would be hard to find.
Here's a sampling of just a few:
Vicki sharing her computer and online knowledge in clear concise forms
Judy ready with humor and direct,articulate comments
Leta always tweeting and stumbling everyone
Karen also eager to help with encouraging, humorous posts
Marguerite promoting others with kind words first
Carolyn so eager to learn and honest about herself
Heather a talented Brit with a clear perspective
Lori always with enthusiasm and kind words

So if you are an artist/craftsperson and thinking of selling your work, Zibbet is the place to be.
If you are a shopper looking for that special handmade piece, Zibbet is the place to be.
And if you need a special Christmas gift, one of a kind, never to be repeated, check this out! Clocks make great gifts and decorative pieces!

Shameless self-promo!!!


PetitPoulailler said...

and already ~ wonderful, dear friends! ... I can't think of a better place to grow my business xo Karen

Grandmother Carolyn said...

Friends, mentors, customers - who could ask for anything more ?!?!?! Thanks, Barbra, for the shout-out and can't tell you how much I chuckled when I read the heading - Zpirited Zibbet Zmiles! SOOOO clever ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbra! But you forgot someone--YOU! Barbra is a "tell it like it is" gal and we love her in the forums. Buyers and sellers alike, give Zibbet a look for all of your handmade, fine art, vintage and craft supply needs. There is no place like Zibbet:

Lori said...

Thanks for your kind words about me and featuring my shop! I agree with everything you said. I have met so many nice people on there and I always feel welcomed in any forum or group. It has been great how everyone is willing to help each other out :D

Marguerite said...

Thank you Barbra! What a lovely post! So very true about the wonderful gals I've met on Zibbet! I've not met another group so wonderful, supportive and willing to share on any other site I've been on. It's more than a venue in which to sell: The Zibbet community has become another home of sorts and I truly look forward to hearing from everyone every day and seeing the marvelous creations that seem to effortlessly pour out of everyone. Thank you to all you wonderful Zibbeters who make me smile and help me out and thank you to you as well, Barbra, for everything you do for all of us.

Leta Porter said...

Aww, Thank You for the kind mention Barbra~~ I am so happy to be a part of zibbet and its community!A nicer group of people I don't think you will find elsewhere, willing to rah, rah each other :)Thanks for the Blog Post! Go Zibbet!!!

niftyknits said...

Thank you - and I have to agree with Vicki, your name should not be left out. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and supportive since I've opened my Zibbet shop.

ModredVintage said...

Zibbet is great, I agree.

Jillys Stuff said...

You are one of the real Driving Forces behind Zibbet. We can always count on you for opinions, critiques and just friendly chatter. As busy as your are you always find time to check in on all of us!

Thanks for all of your support.