Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've written about collaboration before and want to share a new venture that was just started. Judy, of PortableGraffitiGraphics , and I have become good friends since we 'met' almost 2 years ago on Zibbet. She knew that I made clocks using a discarded CD as the base like this one:
And by the way, Happy July 4th!!!

We are now offering custom made clocks using a shop logo or avatar as the face. This would make a great gift for the crafter you know. Place it on a table when you do your shows. Hang it in your work space for accurate time and inspiration! Hey, significant others, your crafty partner would love this!
The one pictured on the right is our sample using MimiandColette as our prototype. The one below, we created for the BaubleBin.
You can let either Judy or I know if you are interested.
The listing is in my shop.


Abracadebra Designs said...

That is certainly a great collaboration between the two of you. Good luck.

handmadefuzzy said...

love the idea you both came up with!!

GypsyGoods said...
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GypsyGoods said...

Beautiful clock!...Happy 4th to you! I hope you get a lot of sales. That was a great idea to collaborate with Judy. She is such a kind and generous person (Zibbet is lucky to have you both).