Thursday, June 2, 2011


June was always very special to me.
As much as I mostly loved school as a student, June was exciting as it marked the end of the grade. As a teacher, boy oh, boy, was it an exciting month----the end of the 10 month year. 

My Mom always celebrated half birthdays and mine is in June, so another special event.

And now, through my grandsons, I'm aware of the end of school but really don't care. Half-birthdays? Marking getting old twice a year? Uh,no!

June has a business focus as I make sure to create any Father's Day  or graduation gifts.  No one is even close to graduating from anything in our family, so no gifts there.
June has a weather focus as in South Carolina, the serious heat is here. In New York, it was planting time. Here, it's don't let those babies dry up in the heat...water, water, water!

So what does June mean now? Really, it's just another month.

I do start thinking about fall/ winter items for the shop. Maybe having a "Christmas in July" sale again, even though they've been nothing in the past.

I decide if this old body will go in public clad in a bathing suit....probably not!
I stock up on bug spray and bite ointments.
We use the grill more and sit outside alot.
I love summer fruit which is starting to come in.
My husband and daughter-in-law have birthdays.
We have higher electric bills due to air conditioning.
We have lower home gas bills.
We're sad on Father's Day as we don't have our Dads but we're very proud of the Dad my son has become.
We're thankful we've completed 6 months of the new year without major issues.
So in the end, every month evolves and their meanings get adjusted and renewed. For new and different reasons, June is special. Enjoy yours!


TexasEagle said...

Ah June. Makes me want to be anywhere but Texas....this heat is too hard on my old body!

Nice post covering lots of emotions....well done!

Heather Leavers said...

I hadn't realised your school year ends in June. UK schools keep going until around 3 weeks into July. My birthday is end of May, so I always feel OOOOOOOLLLDD in June!

Raige Creations said...

I love June too, probably from the end of school feelings of the past, and the current with my kids. It means warm weather and sunshine - I love it! But that I DIDN'T prep the bod for summer clothes always hits me hard. I try to ignore it.

handmadefuzzy said...

ahh... June, end of school, yeah and what already????
This year everything is going in warp speed and I seem to not catch up.
Enjoy your summer !!!

Lori said...

June is fun for me I love when the kids are out of school and we can do all kinds of things together. :D

Finding Charm said...

Cute snowman.
I like June as a summer month the most. It's usually not as hot yet. Although, this year is oddly hot already. I love winter - probably why the snowman stuck out for me :)