Monday, January 14, 2013

Tape Measures

Who knew that little pocket tape measures would become a bit of a pet rock for me?!
A magazine mini-feature, a wholesale order of size and over 250 sold by me directly!
So what's the problem? Is there a problem? A little one....I want to hear if YOU have any ideas for designs...I'm a bit stuck. 
Usually the fabric is my motivation. Plenty of straight patterns are out there and of course holiday themed (which don't sell!) and kid-like prints.

I was excited when I found the states of the US

and the ones specific to knitters.
Animals are popular,too


And of course, buttons!

I've done special orders...professional football teams,colleges and baseball. (Of course, it is all predicated on finding the right fabric and honoring licensing laws.) I've even made some tapes from treasured clothing scraps.

So...what else can I look for? Throw your ideas at me...I can take it!!!!


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