Monday, January 7, 2013

The Teacher Is Back!

Good start to 2013...some sales, some project completions and the crazies have died down. We had guests this past weekend...the boys! The parents "wanted to get rid of us" as the 7 year old stated and so down the road they came. I am happy to say that although I am tired, I am not exhausted! They got along, listened and were really well behaved but oh, how times have changed!  Children make you mark time!

The 10 year old had to rewrite and revise a composition/essay/paper (whatever they call it today) and had been fighting his Mom about doing it so my son said "Ma, can you help?"...sure! And we did....peacefully. I loved when he came up with a better word substitution than I did. Remember, I was a teacher for many years.

The little one is really reading beautifully with a terrific vocabulary and I was thrilled to see and hear this. One of their favorite things is to go to the bookstore since I rarely will say no to a book. The little one had some trouble making a choice. Two he picked were just beyond challenging and way too hard and unhappily he put them back.  Finally, they both made their selections and we left. In the car I tried to explain to them both not to be a page turner. Don't just say the words but understand their meanings.

We then started a vocabulary game and they were doing great until....Grandpa said "You have to use your cerebellum"...and blank looks crossed their faces. I said "You use them everyday. What is it?" and without skipping a beat the 10 year old said "Your penis?"....out of the mouths of future men!!!

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JoJo said...

LOL!!!! Definitely out of the mouths of future men!!!!