Saturday, June 2, 2007


I hate rain but, boy, do we need it here. I despise having to water the lawn-it's like throwing money down the drain. It's been drizzling for a few hours and these are the first drops we've had for at least a month.

I made some personal birthday cards for friends today. I don't sell them. Who could compete with the great cards found on etsy? Sunday the etsy card makers are having a big sale and I'll be there. Check out
I especially love Joan is a doll and very talented.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for mentioning Etsygreetings in your blog! It's very much appreciated. :)

Lisa said...

Yes -- thank you so much for mentioning EtsyGreetings and our card party!


scrap4u said...

Another thanks from me! Everyone at EtsyGreetings appreciates your support. We love making cards and can't wait for our big party to begin :)