Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yesterday was so exciting,sales wise! I was actually going to keep this piece myself since I had never done anything like it & I really loved it. Yesterday I decided to sell it. Took photos, listed it and immediately went to the etsy forums to place it under promotions. I did that and just clicked on the link to make sure I pasted shows up SOLD!!!! Not 3 minutes. Then I went to e-mail and was feeling skeptical that it was a scam since the buyer just joined and apparently this was her first purchase. (There have been horror stories of this happening-sales from new members and no payment) The etsy e-mail notice was there but no PayPal confirmation so now I'm really anxious. Waited another few minutes and bam!, there's PayPal!!!! Very exciting! I e-mailed a thank you to the buyer & she responded very excited about her purchase. Maybe this is the kick start to a sales turnaround!

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Lanedesigns said...

Thanks for the comment! (I wish I was still on vacation...LOL)
Congrats on your sell!
Don't you just love getting a email saying you sold something.
Take care!