Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Saturday's rain really amounted to nothing. It's been unusually dry here this spring AND unusually hot. Today it hit 90. I don't mind the heat as long as the humidity is low and it has been. So with no rain we also had a water main break and for 2 hours this morning we had no water. Thankfully I had just filled the coffee pot before it trickled out. I had to water outside plants were weeping. Of course, in the process I watered myself thoroughly.
So to continue the cool down, some wine!
Creatively today I have started something that won't be for sale. Well, maybe if it works! I'm knitting a gift bag...hmmm....think it'll work? I'll let you know!
Oh-got a treasury on etsy today, my 3rd one. Dedicated it to the lack of peaches due to the April freeze. I think it came out well. I can't believe the only peaches we may get this year will be from California when they grow them right down the road. A real shame.

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