Saturday, March 15, 2008


Still have the drips and am self medicating to oblivion! Tried an old faithful-NyQuil-and it does knock you out so at least some sleep is being had. Day-Quil doesn't seem to do anything to alleviate the headache.

Off to a concert tonite with DH which will probably put me to sleep but am supportive of my honey's eclectic music taste. It is incredibly rare that he's not working on a Saturday so out we go.

Made this pin the other day...a little cutie, if I do say so! The base button is made from coconut shell.


Christine/bellacolle said...

OOOOOH! I hope you feel better soon!
#1 son has it... hope no one else gets it..

~Stella said...

Cute pin, hope you feel better soon!

BellaColle said...

Oh yes dear...Happy Easter.