Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flu Flu...fly away!

I thought I was safe from the awful experiences described to me by others who have had the flu this year....operative word "thought". I don't think I have it...yet! Aches, headache, sore throat but no fever. I HAVE to ignore it. I have too much to do. So I have had loads of tea and have taken Airborne, zinc lozenges and aspirin...cross your fingers for me.

Just completed the 2nd of 2 custom orders. I love getting them and knowing this is exactly what the customer wants. The first was a pair of adult neck savers and the 2nd is my Fiesta Mini Purse. Fun colors! I have them in bunches of other colors in the shop.


Alissa said...

oooh, be careful. Ignoring it might not be such a good idea...rest, rest rest. And drink lots of liquids!

Rosebud Collection said...

I hope you feel better..the purse is so cute..