Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holiday Weekend

First-Happy Memorial Day to everyone and THANK YOU to all our wonderful service people who sacrifice for us.

The great majority of my years was spent as a student or a teacher. Life revolved around the September to June calendar. This weekend marked a beginning and an end. It is the unofficial start of summer and where we lived in New York was a summer resort area for those wishing to escape New York City for a cooler locale. We never left because of the traffic and because we always had visitors.

It also marked the beginning of the end of the school year. After the 3 day weekend, it was a count down to the last day, hoping it would not become too unbearably hot (no air conditioning), rushing to do the tons of end-of-year paperwork and praying we could keep the kids focused until that last bell.

Now, aside from the primary importance of remembering those who preserve our freedom, this is just another weekend. In fact, a semi-yucky one! The DH has to work all weekend and I have been curtailing my shopping trips to conserve gas. So staying home is the itinerary. The garden is planted & weeded and the house is clean enough. The laundry is folded and returned to its proper place. So today may be just a day to relax...maybe create...maybe read...maybe watch a movie! Did I say this was yucky? Sorry, a senior moment.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you choose to do!


3rdEyeMuse said...

That's my kind of yucky! :) lol

I was born and raised an Army Brat (and my brother followed in my dad's footsteps). Thank YOU for acknowledging their service. :)

Kylie B said...

I'm loving those knitted bags :)