Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Survived!

The weekend was long but hopefully created alot of memories for the boys, certainly for us. They were several memorable moments. On one of our shopping trips, the little one only wanted Curious George BandAids and subsequently had various ailments needing one every hour or so. The big one had a birthday party to attend and had very close encounters with cake frosting. The biggest one (DH) seemed to regress a bit and was not sure where FROZEN pizzas should be placed! All in all, it was exhausting which basically sets in cement the saying "Child rearing is for the young!". The little one also loves baths and the photo is his wonderful wet head...yes, he's got amazing hair. He also wanted to learn to knit and with scissors, a crochet hook and an old ball of yarn proceeded to litter the house with cotton bits! The biggest success was bug macaroni and cheese...pasta in insect shapes was plate licking good. They also arranged the rings on this "hand"...good job guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Own Personal Storm...........

My son and his wife are off to a business conference until Saturday night which leaves me and DH in charge of the 3 and 6 year old until then. They are very good BOYS separately but we have never had them together for so long. And as I just wrote, they are BOYS! Don't mean to be sexist but they're not exactly content to sit and color! I'm already super caffeinated since I had to be at their house at 5:45AM today. The first gets home from school at 1:00 and the fun begins! I'll report back when the dust settles!

Friday, September 19, 2008

We're baaaaack..............

GREAT trip! Miraculously, going and coming, we hit NO traffic tie ups and practically no construction. DH was sleeping for a bit and when he awoke he couldn't believe we circled Washington and I never had to hit the brakes. His Dad is doing great and that was a relief. The wedding was terrific despite the 90degree heat! I went north for that?! It really was fun to get all dressed up,though.
We did a little damage shopping but that was expected. Got all the sports gear that the kids requested. The night before we left our garage door broke so we returned to that issue which will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.
I did knit quite a bit-3 pairs of hand warmers/fingerless gloves, 2 washcloths and 2 mini-purses. I also found 3 unwanted pounds along the way that I hope to lose FAST!!! Could it have been the pizza or the New York Chinese food? Hmmmmmmmm....!

Happily came home to a sale but it does seem etsy is a bit sluggish...at least for me. Listed and sold this in a flash...should I make more?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again!

I have found that teachers are a creative and resourceful group. In many ways you had to be since there were always supply limits and money constraints. That's why kids come home with decorated egg cartons and planted flowers in milk containers.

Many years ago I was given a great stash of binder clips and came up with this idea: the kids covered them with papers they designed and painted and they became gifts for a family member. Parents, especially fathers, loved them. I just came into another great stash of clips and thought, why not put some in the shop? Especially with everyone having home offices today, it's nice to have the mundane and simple be attractive. It also is a nice little gift for guys-Dad's desk, big brother in college or anyone who has papers. As far as I'm concerned, computer usage creates more paper so these will definitely come in handy. These are not all in the shop yet but will be soon. Oh, and as you can see, they all have buttons on them...of course!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Update.....

Our friends did come to get out of Hanna's way. Fortunately, Hanna wanted to get out of their way and by-passed their area....major sigh! We had great fun shopping and eating and shopping and drinking and shopping and laughing and....you get the picture! Although they have very decent shopping where they live, there are a handful of stores here that they crave and must visit. The house is back together and now we can create new messes in preparation for our trip.
The darling son with the separated shoulder is going for physical therapy but is forbidden to swim for at least 2 weeks. This might put a serious dent in his triathalon training. He is also wearing one of those black tape thinga-majiggies that was seen being worn by the women playing beach volleyball in the Olympics. He says it does help....that and ibuprophen.
Okay, what else? Oh, DH's job.... not good on that front but one thing I've learned after living this long-peace of mind is more valuable than money in the bank. So if he decides to quit, I'm right there with him. If he stays, I'm still here.
But now I'm going up to the studio to find a missing hat!!! I listed one in the shop the other day,have another ready for pix but was positive I had 3.....hmmmmm!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just when you think everything is going along nicely.....%^+#(*X#$%)+X!!!

DH and I drive to NY every fall to see his Dad who's about to be 94. We are going earlier this year than in the past because the son of a college buddy is being married and we thought "Let's do both!" Getting the shop set and ready for fall and for the holidays has been my push which has created a migration of items from the studio to the office for photos and listings. While we both are slowly preparing for this trip-read: leaving stuff all over the place because maybe we'll want to take it, Dear Son, who is preparing for an Ironman Triathalon crashed his bike the other day and separated his shoulder (even though he landed on his head hard enough to crack his helmet) while his wife is nursing a major sinus flare up. DH and I watched the boys for a bit so they both could see various internists, allergists, orthopedists and pharmacists. And now Hurricane Hanna....close friends may be in the path and are deciding when to evacuate and come to us. Of course I want them, but remember that pre-trip/pre-holiday mess I mentioned? Oh, and did I tell you that upon our return DH will probably quit his job? Don't even ask!!!!!

But I'm still knitting~soft and cuddly!
A ray of moonshine this evening...I've been featured on this blog. Check it out....Sue of TackyHandMade did a great job. Thank you!!!!