Saturday, May 16, 2009


I know it's been awhile but much has been crazy here and now hopefully calming down. We had a yard/garage sale today and of course, it rained on and off so we're a little soggy but lighter in 'stuff'.
I've been making alot of the magnetic bookmarks and became very frustrated along the way. The laminating film I've been using sometimes bubbles, sometimes not. I can't figure it out to see if there's a common reason but problem solved.
I did have a wonderful order for them from an avid etsy buyer.
She purchased several and then ordered more.They are a gift for the members of her team for a Susan G. Komen walk. How sweet and wonderful that she's doing that!

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Dianne said...

How sweet of you to mention that I'm doing this...and you're so wonderful for making these! I love them.