Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Sale or Not To Sale!!!

My goal when I embarked on the online craft path was to make what I love and share. My family (few females) are probably sick of receiving my creations and now, unless they ask, they get nothing made by me. (Right now I am making the boys hats with beards attached...who knew that would be a request?)
I have always been thrilled to sell my work as it is a type of positive validation. As Sally Field said "They like me. They really like me!"
Of course earning some extra money has been wonderful if only to feed my supply addiction and stash. So I think I have always priced fairly. I'm not looking to rip off anyone but entice by design, good pricing and heart.
Then there are holiday sales....a not so positive experience for me over the years but I didn't want to be left out so I joined those promotions. Selling scarves in July kind of yells for a price reduction and I've done it. Not to great success,though. 
Back to school, Halloween and then Cyber Monday and I see fellow crafters marking down their creative endeavors by 15-20-30 even 40%!!!! I'm confused so I posted a query on Facebook.
Responses varied but many agreed that their prices were fair and marking them down was a hurtful loss. And, like my experience, they really didn't work. I understand the desire to drum up business, get positive feedback or move older pieces but the profit margin for many is so slight, a sale hurts.
I say, do what you love, love what you do and don't devalue yourself. Does that mean I'll never have a sale or a discount or free shipping? Maybe. Maybe not. But I don't think I'll allow myself to follow the big box pack....I'm not in that league and don't want to be. I don't have items in the $100+ range, far from it and although more sales are always welcome, I will not devalue myself just for a sale.

Here's my latest...price firm!!!


Raige Creations said...

I think shoppers tend to know a good deal when they see it, and will pay for an item they want whether it is on sale or not.
In fact, in one of my shops there is a notice of 10% off right now, and 2 sales over the weekend did not use the coupon code for the discount. They must have felt the price was fair, and bought at list price.
My sales have never been very successful, so now you have me thinking about never doing it. Waste of time and energy that could be spent creating, right? And that is why we are doing it, to create.

Love that necklace btw. Stay firm.

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Barb, That is a really cool necklace, and another great post, too. I started selling my jewelry for the same reasons you started selling. I was creating and gifting all the time, and family and friends encouraged me to start selling. I really enjoy the validation of people actually liking my stuff enough to buy it. I didn't start selling to become instantly rich,either, so I am extremely fair in my pricing, too. Even though I am at a point now where I could use a little extra income, I still refuse to devalue my work by offering it at sale prices just to drum up an extra sale or two. And like Raige said, I'd rather spend my time creating then constantly worrying about changing prices in my shop.

Barbra said...

Thanks,Deb and Rebecca, for the firm comments about the necklace! And I never even thought about the waste of time. None of us have alot so why waste!

Roseanna said...

Lovely necklace...thank you for visiting and leaving the nice comment.
I am happy to report that I have not lost any needles since I have stored them this new way! I am a new follower, since my button addiction is legendary!!

Betsy said...

Very pretty necklace and I can tell you put your heart and soul into it. I never know what's going to sell from one show to the next. Stay firm on your pricing unless you're had it for an entire season. Thanks so much for visiting with me and for your nice comment:-)