Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I find it so interesting to see what sells and what doesn't, especially at shows where you have a concentrated block of sales in a definite time period...well, hopefully!
The first time I sold 9 sets of wash cloths at a show I thought I had the new pet rock!

The first show this season was a scarf and bookmark show....oodles. Yay, terrific.

The 2nd show 2 weeks later,in roughly the same area, no scarves at all but handwarmers and bookmarks.
Now I did have the other odd item here and there-some barrettes, a pin or 2, a tapemeasure but the scarves and handwarmers were the hits and the bookmarks. Now some may say, it's getting cool, tis the season for those sales and that is true but I have a new and different viewpoint. I'm thinking people,in this tense economy, are purchasing the practical. The needed. The useful. Not the decorative little doo-dad that may become a dust collector. Maybe they'll buy those closer to the holidays when gifts are really needed but I'm sensing a shying away from that stuff. Maybe marketing and promoting have to be steered in that direction. What do you think?

Anyway, here's a useful, little doo-dad I just listed. I can't help myself!
And oh, after 2 shows, just 3 sets of wash cloths!


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

I like your "do-dads." And thanks for your lovely comment on my "Car gone missing post."

Raige Creations said...

interesting....sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to life, right?

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Barb, I agree with you about people wanting to buy useful items. And the fact the the item is handmade is icing on the cake.