Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Hand Writing on The Wall

Sometimes cliches say it best and if we don't "read the hand writing on the wall" we may have consequences to pay. In computer years, my machine is 'old' -almost 5. It has been sending me strange messages like "your virtual memory is low" and and I have "insufficient system resources". Now, I am old and I know my memory is not the best but to have that flashed on a screen in front of you is really insulting. Actually, there have been more serious issues like not starting and a singing tone coming from the tower, not a tune you'd want to hum along with either!
We finally decided to get a new one and it is currently sitting on the floor behind me waiting for DH to connect. I just spent over 3 hours deleting files and pictures that aren't needed. I also reduced the numbers of pictures which mysteriously had triplicated themselves. So now we're hopefully ready to do a transfer and join the 2008 computer world before the year ends! Just like with our bodies, when there's an ache or a pain, pay attention. Read the handwriting!
I am pretty proud of me, though, since I am largely self-taught regarding the computer. I figured out the internet, blogging, etsy, e-mail,etc. with no direction from a higher up. But if you don't hear from me for a bit, know that while we read the hand writing on the wall and we wanted to listen, the wall talked back and we're paying the consequences!


BellaColle' said...

Oh Dear... I hope eveything gets worked out! It's no when these machines don't behave themselves!

http://pamwardenart.blogspot.com said...

That was a funny post. I really enjoyed it, I am also pretty much self taught. A question here and there to friends, but otherwise figuring it out by trial and error.

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Hope to see you,