Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time for a change?

The change I'd REALLY like would include a trip to the beach. It hit 102 yesterday but it seems the time has come for me to get a new printer instead.
Are these factors telling me to replace my machine?

1-A light you never noticed flashes constantly?
2-The print comes out reversed-mirror image?
3-You set the printer for 20 copies and 75 are spit out?
4-The book you go to for troubleshooting says it is compatible with Windows 98 ?
5-You have a deadline for 120 copies of something and all of the above is happening?
6-Your husband needs business cards yesterday and it won't turn on?
7-Obviously sometimes I can get it to work but not NOW!!!!!!

Ugh, after just replacing the computer this was not an option I wanted to face so soon after that installation. Thank goodness all my etsy materials are printed (business cards,thank yous,etc.) so I'm covered there. I'm thinking about an all-in-one machine. I have been an HP user for years and the 4-in-ones seem to be better lately. Anyone have any input?


http://pamwardenart.blogspot.com said...

Drop kick it :) Well, that's my solution, but it won't help you, so can you grab a cheepie at Wally world? That's what we have. HP Deskjet 3740. I think it was $30 or so. Try this too, shut everything down and unplug it all for about 10 min. See if it will right/reset itself.

Barbra said...

Thanks,Pam...I have shut it off and sometimes it'll work and more often...NOT!!!

e. beck said...

ugh ... condolences to you .... nothing worse than rebellious technology!!! .... my rec would be to buy a cheap one .... and not feel bad replacing it every couple of years ... if you buy pricey ones ... you have to replace them every couple of years and it is much more painful!!

brightonEarly said...

I have an HP (I think) print/scan/copier. I love it. I think it was $70-80 at Walmart. Good luck!!

Vanessa said...

I had a nice more expensive canon for a few years, It worked great.... till it died. Just not in the position to spend a few hundred on a new printer this time around so I got a 'make do" one in the mean time. I paid less than $40for it and it is a 3 in one. It has been working just awesome, way better than I had every hoped for:) It is an HP. Good luck!