Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Up and Running!

Yay! The new computer is working. I was concerned about VISTA and problems I've heard about but so far, so good. The techie is coming on Thursday to do a data transfer and install an external hard drive for automatic back ups. Until then I can't access any of my documents or stored pictures but that's okay. Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about?! Anyway, it's great not getting those threatening and warning messages.

I did accomplish a major re-haul of the studio this weekend. Re-organized (again) and labeled and stored and stashed and worked myself to exhaustion. Now I don't want to go up there and mess it up!
I found this clock that is really too big to have ever been lost. I call it Basket of Silver Clock....not terribly original but that's what it is. I listed it today. I also found tons of yarn and thread. I thought I had de-stashed...hmmm, think again!


Alicia said...

I just found your blog through thet blogup and so glad I did your work is great!

BellaColle' said...

yay!!!you sound so computer savvy now!lol
Happy Thursday!